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The Engineer, 3d, FlashPlayer 11

2011-11-10 04:55:51 by Moonkey

We've just put out a new game, The Engineer, which is up on the front page at the moment. Some people are getting massive lag, so I'll try to explain why that may be.

FlashPlayer 11 came out recently, and it allows flash to use the GPU (Graphics card) of a computer. That means flash can now do full blown 3d games, or in the case of The Engineer, hardware accelerated 2d. If, for whatever reason, flash can't use a specific computer's GPU, it will fall back to software rendering which dumps all of the work back on the computer's CPU and will probably make things slow to a crawl. That seems to be happening when some people try to play The Engineer.

So why does it happen? I don't know, but here are some possibilities.
- Old/unsupported graphics cards or drivers.
- Right clicking in FlashPlayer will bring up some settings. One is 'Enable hardware acceleration'. It seems to be on by default, but maybe worth checking.
- Some people say it doesn't work in IE, but does in other browsers.
- Magic

Hopefully some of these teething problems sort themselves out as more games come out that make use of the GPU.


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2011-11-10 09:23:57

kudos to you for taking advantage fo flash's new features, takes alot of moxy and you naturally run into issues but things would never grow if everyone stayed conservative so kudos. Game was fun also.


2011-11-10 10:11:49

Ran just dandy on my system.
Will probably play even further later I got owned on level 2 ;P


2011-11-10 12:14:19

Ran fine on my box, but i got owned on level 2 like frozen fire too. :D


2011-11-10 14:09:25

I can't install Flash Player 11 anymore on my old ass Mac running MacOSX Tiger. :/


2011-11-15 00:56:35

CRAP!!!! So bad. Go back to your cave you douchebag!


2011-11-15 12:06:37

Its wierd because I was able to play the game a week ago, and now all the buttons in your game's menu are just not working. I can load user levels though, and they run smooth and fast. I think you should really look into it because most players seem to have the same issue.


2011-12-03 05:46:28

you are a good player


2012-06-26 11:27:23


Moonkey responds:

Yup. They seem to have dropped that name a while ago, though.


2012-07-19 11:16:01

Yeah, Michael5555's right! You ARE a good player!